Promoting Excellence in a Specialist care setting

Alexandra Homes is a Specialist, Residential Care Service for adults (18 to 65) with Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Many of our residents will have other, related conditions, and may present challenging behaviours.

The Service is registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC), to provide specialist care for people with ASD, who are referred from local authority learning disability and mental health services.

The service was set up in February 2004 and is firmly established as a leading provider of services for people with ASD in the South West of England. We currently provide a service for 10 different local authorities in England and Wales and Northern Ireland.

There are Three registered homes, Alexandra House in Knowle ,Ash View House, in Kingswood and Ash View C also in Kingswood. All homes are in the Bristol Area.

In addition to the main House, Alexandra House has two supported, independent living units on the same site, for preparing residents for move on placements.

We also have a total of 6 supported living flats.
We believe that with the right support, understanding and encouragement, people with Asperger Syndrome can reach their maximum potential and enjoy a quality of life, which they deserve as an individual and valued member of the community in which they live.


Our mission is to be recognised as the leading provider of specialist residential care for people with Asperger Syndrome in the South West of England. 

To achieve our mission we believe:

That a good residential home can make a significant difference to a resident’s personal, health and social development. That our residents will learn best in a secure, stable and predictable environment, with sufficient structure to promote personal security, while allowing the space to grow, to make mistakes and learn from experiences.

It is important to have transparent systems and opportunities for our residents to contribute to decisions about the running of the home, as well as having individual sessions with them to ensure that they are consulted about their individual plans, which involves their parents, where appropriate, and other people who are important to the residents, within these processes.

That everything which is done for, and with, the residents should be directed towards achieving the declared outcomes for the person concerned and all aspects of such provision should be of the highest possible standard. In creating opportunities for our residents to express and develop their individual identity, in accordance with their welfare, safety and protection.
That every person is an individual, that behaviour can change for the better, and that no one is beyond help.